Workbenches, blueprints, and progression. This patch wipes the servers. Have fun!

Added Workbenches
Added Blueprints
Added ice lake monuments to the arctic biome
Added new road generation algorithm
Improved world serialization file format
More efficient world serialization compression
Improved water map encoding
Can no longer block ladders with certain barricades (concrete, stone and sandbag)
High external walls and gates require some space between parallel walls
Vending machine + shopfront cost reduction
Locked all items other than default blueprints
Improved bus stop and power substation spawn rules
T-shirt/longsleeve much cheaper don’t require sewing kit
Can only repair items with blueprint
Fixed problems with drinking water from rivers and lakes
Invisible body no longer casting shadows on viewmodel
Fixed ambient occlusion around vegetation
Fixed player shadow projection noticeable on ceilings
Fixed sky reflection intensity mapping
Fixed motion blur ignored around on holosight reticle border

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