Building better biomes, info panels, sitting, and more

New tank sounds
Combat log now indicates when someone is killed or wounded
Download skins in the background rather than waiting for them in the loading screen
Updated EAC API & SDK (fixes “EAC Disconnected” error)
Client no longer stalls while spawning the map from cache
Eliminated some GC allocations from nested coroutines
Improved lighting: direct light now softer and ambient lighting less saturated
Improved shadow casting: reduced floating shadows and light leaking
Vending machines drop no loot + 25% increased health
Autoturrets no longer have magical long range after something is targeted
Occludable sound voice limiting perf fix
Fixed game manifest download sometimes silently failing
Fixed official server list sometimes being shown as empty
Fixed ragdoll messed up level of detail
Fixed fly swarm not following ragdoll
Fixed another error thrown by culling on RetrieveAndApplyVisibility
Fixed visibility error when joining a server after finishing a demo play

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