Server Details
IP:Port –
PvP – Modded
Last Wipe07.09.2017
Next Wipe05.10.2017

View Live Map on Rust:IONot Available

Server Rules
No Racist behaviour of any sort
Play Fair – Give raided players a chance to recover

Custom Commands:
/town – teleports you to town (safe zone)
/pc – Opens the leader board which will display the top 25 users from each category
/help – Lists some useful info
/Rank – Lists all your stats on the server
/balance – check your Economy balance
/transfer <name> <money> – transfer [money] to [name] player for small fee
/shop – Opens the shop to buy/sell using Economy money
/s – Opens the Server Rewards Shop
/gift – View and redeem rewards earned on the server
/rewards check – Display current reward points and total time played on server
/playtime – Display your playtime (Time on server)
/playtime <playername> – Display the playtime for the specified player
/refer <playername> – Allows a user to specify who referred them to the server, points will be issued to both players
/friend <add|+/remove|-> <name/steamID> to add or remove someone
/friend list to list your friends
/pr tops – displays a players top stats for each category, in a private list.
/pr <category> – displays server top 5 for that category to the user.
(replace the word ‘category’ with a stat name from /pr tops list, but lower case with no spaces – eg “/pr pvpkills” or “/pr structuresbuilt”)
/lot : Open the lottery GUI
/q – Opens the quest menu
/home add <name> – Saves your current position as the location name.
/home list – Shows you a list of all the locations you have saved.
/home remove <name> – Removes the location of your saved homes.
/home <name> – Teleports you to the home location.
/tpr <player name> – Sends a teleport request to the player
/tpa – Accepts an incoming teleport request.
/tpc – Cancel teleport or request.
/stats – displays stats.
/topskills – display’s top player skills
/statinfo – Displays information about certain skill, including server configuration.
/kit => see the full list of available kits for you
/where – will display an arrow and distance to your corpse.
/bounty – Will show help
/bounty add “Playername” – Will open the bounty box to deposit your items. when closed the bounty will be placed
/bounty add PlayerName money ## – For use with economics, replace ## with the money amount
/bounty check – Will check the users current bounty’s
/bounty check PLAYERNAME – Will show you the players current bounty’s
/bounty claim – Will list your current rewards with ID number
/bounty claim ## – Claims the reward with ID number ##
/bounty top – Will display the top 5 bounty hunters and top 5 total wanted times
/bounty wanted – Will display the top 5 wanted players and top 5 current wanted times
/ranks -Provides a list of ranks, playtime required, and the player’s own playtime.
/event join – Join an open event
/event leave – Leave the current event
/event – this will show you stats and leaderboards for events on the server.
/skin – command to open the skin container
Press “B” to open back pack (You will need to press F1 and type this in to the console for this to work ‘bind b’)
/sp time (how much time left on spawn protection)
/sp end (end your spawn protection)
/dtd ladder = View current ladder (Treasure Hunt)
/dtd lifetime = View lifetime stats (Treasure Hunt)
/dtd = Shows details of current Treasure Hunt making it easier to locate
/position – display your position.
/clan – gives a list of options for joining/creating/managing a clan
/sets – Opens the Sets menu
/qm – Opens the Quick Menu (Details coming soon for adding shortcut key)
/remove – Removes the item/building you are looking at.
/sl – Help information for security light
/sl add – Converts the search light you are looking at to a security light
/sl remove – Converts the security light you are looking at back to a search light
/sl mode <mode> – Sets the mode of the security light you are looking at
/sl globalmode <mode> – Sets the mode of all security lights you own
/sl info – Gives the owner the ability to check the status of a search light

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