A new roadmap, nicer snow, recoil, balance, optimization, and more.

Fixed long tundra grass patches sometimes not being grounded
Fixed culling throwing errors in safe mode
Re-enabled shore wetness
Fixed rounding errors with resource gathering
ConVar “player.recoilcomp ” now works for learnable recoil
New snow biome textures and meshes
Reduced garbage collection frame rate drops throughout the game
Updated multiple item descriptions
Increased helicopter searchlight brightness
LR300 Recoil stays vertical for longer
Search Lights are half price
Trout yields 8 animal fat upon gutting (was 3)
Bone armor costs 1 rope instead of 2
Hide clothing is half price
Added Flare to helicopter searchlight
Added Flare to Flashlights and Laser Sights
Added Flare to Deployable Searchlights
Removed a bunch of stack trace spam from the game log

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