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Cranky Gamerz Rust Server Details

Name: Cranky Gamerz PvP By
Connection Info: or click HERE to connect directly.
Last Wipe: 01.11.2018
Next Wipe: 06.12.2018

Server Restart: Time: 07:00 & 19:00 (UK Time)

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Mods and useful info related to our server.

Gift System
We like to reward players for the time they spend on this server, so a way we do this is by sending you in game gifts at regular intervals. When your on the server simply type the '/gift' command in to the chat box to see a list of gifts you can claim or have coming up. This resets every 24 hours so each day you come on the server you have the ability to claim those gifts again.

Fuelling your base
Do you get sick of going round refuelling all your lights? We've made it simple, all you need to do is add fuel to your tool cupboard and your lights will use that fuel for its power.

Currency System
We have a Server Rewards Points (RP) currency system running on our server. You can earn RP points in various ways. You can spend your earned points in our store to buy items you require in game. To access the shop simply use the chat command '/s' 

Levelling System
We run a levelling system which you can level up on by doing various activities on the server. The higher the level the better the rewards. An example of this is Wood Cutting, The more wood you cut the higher the level will progress and as you progress you will be rewarded with an increased gather rate.

Player Challenges (Currently Broken) (Fix in progress)
You can join the leader boards and earn unique ranks by being the best on the server at a particular activity. So for example the player who cuts the most tree's down will be ranked as a Wood Cutter. You can check the leaderboards by using the chat command '/pc'

You can access your backpack by using chat command '/backpack' This allows you extra storage space so you can spend longer looting before needing to rush back to unload.

Player Ranks
Players ern ranks on the server simply by spending time on the server. You can view your rank by using the chat command '/rank'.