Workbenches, blueprints, and progression. This patch wipes the servers. Have fun!

Added Workbenches
Added Blueprints
Added ice lake monuments to the arctic biome
Added new road generation algorithm
Improved world serialization file format
More efficient world serialization compression
Improved water map encoding
Can no longer block ladders with certain barricades (concrete, stone and sandbag)
High external walls and gates require some space between parallel walls
Vending machine + shopfront cost reduction
Locked all items other than default blueprints
Improved bus stop and power substation spawn rules
T-shirt/longsleeve much cheaper don’t require sewing kit
Can only repair items with blueprint
Fixed problems with drinking water from rivers and lakes
Invisible body no longer casting shadows on viewmodel
Fixed ambient occlusion around vegetation
Fixed player shadow projection noticeable on ceilings
Fixed sky reflection intensity mapping
Fixed motion blur ignored around on holosight reticle border


Progression (blueprints!), raid balance, base changes, and more.

Added RAM usage to perf text
Can pick up empty furnaces
AK47 world model not displaying some skins correctly
Fixed parenting on bradley and heli loot crate fireballs
Fixed large furnace placement being blocked under floor grills
Updated EAC launcher
Only wooden ladders, twig foundation and twig floors can bypass building privilege
Tweaked barricade placement rules, damage volumes and collision meshes
Tweaked external wall and gate placement rules, damage volumes and collision meshes
Eliminated GC allocs from player model LOD refreshes
Increased external gate open and close animation speed
Raw and spoiled meat no longer goes straight to belt when picked up
Wooden ladders can be stacked to 5
Wooden ladders can be repaired
Furnace costs 100 wood less, spawns with no wood
Can pick up empty fridge
Can pick up empty large & small wood boxes
Can place shelves over existing boxes
Can change skins of boxes at repair bench
No longer need map item to open map

We are now live with “7 Days to Die”

We have expanded in to 7 days to die, you can see more details on our 7 days to die webpage by going to “Cranky Gamerz” drop down list and selecting the “7 Days to die” link. Our server is now up and running and available for everyone to join.

Sedan available on RUST Server

We have spawned in a vehicle on the map, it has been left in town (/town). If you want to check it out get to the town quickly before someone moves it and tries to claim it for themselves 🙂


Chairs, vehicle tests, and more.

Test Vehicle (admin only) added
Added new EAC launcher
Chairs are mountable and provide 100% comfort
Added grass shadow casting feature
Added shadow quality option with new penumbra shadows feature
Made grass meshes size more realistic
Updated EAC SDK
Reduced managed memory usage
Overhauled entity parenting
Improved server side eye verification (less false positives)
Fixed Sentry/Helicopter shooting like a shotgun with low fps
Fixed world serialization checksum problems (loading times)
Fixed map exploit
Fixed flashlight attachment shadows all over the place bug


Building better biomes, info panels, sitting, and more

New tank sounds
Combat log now indicates when someone is killed or wounded
Download skins in the background rather than waiting for them in the loading screen
Updated EAC API & SDK (fixes “EAC Disconnected” error)
Client no longer stalls while spawning the map from cache
Eliminated some GC allocations from nested coroutines
Improved lighting: direct light now softer and ambient lighting less saturated
Improved shadow casting: reduced floating shadows and light leaking
Vending machines drop no loot + 25% increased health
Autoturrets no longer have magical long range after something is targeted
Occludable sound voice limiting perf fix
Fixed game manifest download sometimes silently failing
Fixed official server list sometimes being shown as empty
Fixed ragdoll messed up level of detail
Fixed fly swarm not following ragdoll
Fixed another error thrown by culling on RetrieveAndApplyVisibility
Fixed visibility error when joining a server after finishing a demo play


Gas station and supermarket monuments are in, as are item information panels. Default map size has increased. This patch wipes the servers.Enjoy!

Added Item Information Panels
Added Gas Station
Added Supermarket
Updated food items having missing sounds when consumed
More item description updates and fixes
Fixed Bradley shooting players through the rocket factory roof
Fixed scope/helmet overlays visible in third person
Bradley can drop 12 tech trash in crates
Removed crappy gather ability from swords etc


More small monuments and AI progress, recoil updates on more guns and some performance and spawn improvements. and more.

Updated EAC API & SDK
More garbage collection optimizations
Larger coastal player spawn areas
Better resource spawning
Fixed duplicate ore nodes around radtowns (requires two server restarts)
Reduced spawn density of wooden logs by around 30%
Added “authtimeout” server convar
Reduced distance fog density by at clear weather conditions by 25-50%
Removed “gc.interval” convar
Fixed material LOD pop-in on cliffs and rocks
Updated multiple item descriptions
Removed max draggable from items (except liquids)
Fixed show texel density exploit
Fixed fuzz in cloth shaders
Fixed OSX/GL gamma darkening bug
Terrain texture aliasing/shimmering when aniso=1
Bone armor requires Cloth instead of Rope
Plate armor protection increased
M92, AK47, P250 Aimcone reduced by 80%
M92, AK47, P250 Have learnable recoil patterns
Riot Helmet no longer requires Sewing kit
Removed Recoil Compensation for pattern weapons
Fixed player names not appearing on skulls
Added flare to Ceiling Light


A new roadmap, nicer snow, recoil, balance, optimization, and more.

Fixed long tundra grass patches sometimes not being grounded
Fixed culling throwing errors in safe mode
Re-enabled shore wetness
Fixed rounding errors with resource gathering
ConVar “player.recoilcomp ” now works for learnable recoil
New snow biome textures and meshes
Reduced garbage collection frame rate drops throughout the game
Updated multiple item descriptions
Increased helicopter searchlight brightness
LR300 Recoil stays vertical for longer
Search Lights are half price
Trout yields 8 animal fat upon gutting (was 3)
Bone armor costs 1 rope instead of 2
Hide clothing is half price
Added Flare to helicopter searchlight
Added Flare to Flashlights and Laser Sights
Added Flare to Deployable Searchlights
Removed a bunch of stack trace spam from the game log


We have been working on many things over the last few days, below is a list of things we have done to the server.

  • Disabled Skinning levels due to a bug, we will re-enable this as soon as possible
  • Continued with more changes to the loot tables, this time concentrating mainly on crates.
  • Completed first AI Base
  • Started adding kits to Scientists at monuments
  • Added some Delivery Quest Vendors around the map
  • Fixed Crafting Bug
  • other minor fixes have been completed.